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Where We're Headed

Come join us!

After over 22 years of providing food, clothing, job seeker assistance, medical care, dental care and an array of additional programs and resources to tens of thousands of impoverished families each year, The Blessing Center is now ready to launch into a brand new season of ministry and service in our community - and we have never been more excited!

The Board of Directors and Staff have been in much prayer, and along with the advice of numerous seasoned and respected consultants, we have determined that we will best utilize our time, energies and resources by moving ahead aggressively to enlarge the scope and scale of our existing transitional housing program. 

We are calling this new thrust of The Blessing Center - "Transformative Houses of Hope."

For over 12 years we have been providing 'hope through housing' for at-risk maternity women, single homeless women and homeless and at-risk women with children at Hannah's House of Hope in Redlands, Ca.

We have recently added a second property to our portfolio - Deborah's House of Hope - which now enables us to provide safe and caring shelter with programs to another 3 more overwhelmed and struggling at-risk homeless children and their mothers.

Our plan for the calendar year 2021 is to substantially increase our transitional housing capacity by creating "HANNAH'S VILLAGE" - a model development that will add additional space for 25 families in a live-in community of flourishing mothers and their children.

And we believe that with your investment into the lives of the little ones we serve we can make an even bigger difference each and every year!

Please join us in our mission of  - "Transforming Broken Lives. Wherever we Find Them. Powered by God's Love".


Our Impact This Year

  • Children and their Mothers Housed and Loved


  • Volunteer Hours


  • Dollars Raised


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